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Treatment of Cesarean Scar Pregnancy with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Warming Moxibustion
source:NCBI 2022-06-10 [Research]
Xiaqin Cai, Hengxing Shi, Senge Dai, Jiajia Wang, Bin Lu, and Qing Zhang Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China Qing Zhang: moc.qq@286218747 Academic Editor: Woon-Man Kung


We aimed to report the clinical characteristics of cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP), improve the understanding of uterine scar pregnancy, and assess the outcomes of our treatment strategy for CSP. We present 30 patients with CSP diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasonography. Patients received B ultrasound-guided lauromacrogol injection, followed by evacuation under B ultrasound guidance, and intrauterine balloon compression for hemostasis. Postoperatively, all patients received Bushenquyu decoction and warming moxibustion. All patients showed fast recovery and preserved fertility. The combination of lauromacrogol injection and suction curettage under hysteroscopic guidance is an effective conservative treatment for CSP that can help preserve the reproductive function. Postoperative traditional Chinese medicine and warming moxibustion may reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy and increase the rate of subsequent intrauterine pregnancy.