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  • Laos and China collaborate to advance traditional medicine usage
    source:Laotian Times 2024-04-02 [Medicine]
    Traditional medicines in Laos are poised for broader recognition as a state-run pharmaceutical enterprise partnered with three Chinese agencies to enhance the therapeutic potential of traditional medicine in the country.
  • AI and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Data Model is Learning from Ancient Chinese Text
    author:Anubhavsource:GIZMOCHINA 2024-04-01 [Medicine]
    The world of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is quite possibly entering a whole new era of AI integration. The Haihe Qibo model, named after a TCM doctor and Tianjin’s namesake river, has successfully completed testing and is setting its sights on international markets. This model is a collaborative effort, and it represents a very important bridge between ancient practices and cutting-edge tech.
  • New museum aims to promote TCM to the world
    author:Hu Minsource:SHINE 2024-03-29 [Medicine]
    The Xinchang Haipai (Shanghai-style) Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum was launched during the ongoing 2024 Tourism Plus Shanghai, a major expo cluster of the comprehensive tourism industry, establishing a platform to promote TCM to the world.
  • Acupuncture Post-Stroke Hemiplegia Relief
    source:HealthCMi 2024-03-28 [Medicine]
    Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of post-stroke hemiplegia. Researchers at Xinghua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital conducted a clinical trial to investigate the benefits of including acupuncture as supplementary therapy in the rehabilitation of stroke survivors. The results of the trial indicate that the inclusion of acupuncture significantly improved patient outcomes.
  • Ancient Chinese medicine Gua Sha trending on social media, here’s why
    author:Haley Hernandezsource:Click2Houston 2024-03-27 [Medicine]
    You may have recently seen people rubbing Gua Sha stones across their faces on social media.
  • Western and Chinese medicine traditions join forces in more Hong Kong hospitals
    author:Sammy Heungsource:South China Morning Post 2024-03-26 [Medicine]
    to treat cancer, strokes, muscle and bone pain
  • Chinese scientists use TCM in promising new HIV therapy
    author:Fan Wei,Leng Shumeisource:Global Times 2024-03-25 [Medicine]
    A research result released by a team led by Li Taisheng of Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) was selected for a poster presentation and discussed at a special session of the 31st Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2024) held in Denver, the US from March 3 to 6, showcasing the Chinese solution of using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to address immune reconstitution failure in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected individuals, the Global Times learned from the team on Monday.
  • As Singapore's population ages rapidly, the key to tackling growing healthcare problems could be TCM
    author: DOMINIC WONGsource:today 2024-03-22 [Medicine]
    One potentially strong proposition to support Singapore's demand for healthcare services is integrating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modalities into our nationwide healthcare strategy to complement Western medicine.
  • 8-hour time-restricted eating linked to a 91% higher risk of cardiovascular death
    source:Science Daily 2024-03-21 [Medicine]
    A study of over 20,000 adults found that those who followed an 8-hour time-restricted eating schedule, a type of intermittent fasting, had a 91% higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine finds foothold in Rwanda
    author:YUAN HUIsource:China Daily 2024-03-20 [Medicine]
    When An Lingfei, a senior doctor from the Inner Mongolia medical team in Rwanda, arrived in the capital city of Kigali, he set up a center in the Masaka District Hospital. He began carrying out TCM treatment last December. Since then, the China-Rwanda Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Diagnosis and Treatment Center has increased in popularity.
  • Medicine for the masses
    source:China Daily 2024-03-19 [Medicine]
    Village doctor and NPC deputy devotes her life to helping improve the health of people in remote rural areas, Wang Ru in Beijing and Li Yingqing in Kunming report.
  • "HK aims to aid world development of Chinese medicine"
    source:RTHK 2024-03-18 [Medicine]
    A Health Bureau official said on Saturday that he hopes the completion of the first traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Hong Kong will enable the sector's development both locally and internationally.
  • Nearly 20,000 Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Missed In England Because Of Covid-19 Pandemic
    author:Bruce Y. Leesource:Forbes 2024-03-18 [Medicine]
    The Covid-19 pandemic and the botched handling of it have been tragic in many different ways. One of the still emerging tragedies has been delays in the diagnoses of and care for other types of medical conditions because people weren’t being seen in clinics and hospitals as regularly as they should have. That’s probably left a lot of people “shoulding” all over themselves as in should’ve, could’ve, would’ve gotten treatment earlier.
  • ‘Polio Paul,’ who spent most of the past 70 years in an iron lung, dies at 78
    author:Mira Chengsource:CNN 2024-03-15 [Medicine]
    Paul Alexander, who spent the vast majority of the past 70 years in an iron lung and defied expectations by becoming a lawyer and author, died Monday afternoon at the age of 78, according to his brother Philip Alexander.
  • Chinese medical team in Zimbabwe renews enduring healthcare partnership
    source:Xinhua 2024-03-14 [Medicine]
    Zimbabwe applauds departing Chinese medical team for delivering efficient and effective health services to local communities, acknowledging the level and diversity of their expertise, critical for capacity building and medical students' training.