About Us
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The World Traditional Medicine Forum – in short - is a non-profit Association dedicated to reporting information related to world traditional medicine and introducing related health knowledge.


World Traditional Medicine Forum

The Forum is established as an Association on 19 May 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in accordance with Dutch law as the “World Traditional Medicine Forum”.

The Forum has its registered and headquarter office at Geldersekade 67, 1011 EK Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The forum is registered at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, CCI number 66060176.


Objectives of the Forum

1.       to discuss strategic subjects of world traditional medicine development, and to unite world traditional medicine professionals in different modalities;

2.       to promote and improve traditional medicine education, support traditional medicine continuing education and traditional medicine education to the public;

3.       to set standards for traditional medicine practitioners, to set up a code of ethics for ensuring safety and improving quality of practice and for protecting the legal rights of patients;

4.       to provide traditional medicine conference, information and consulting services;

5.       to assist traditional medicine legislative and regulatory work;

6.       to promote exchange of traditional medicine scientific research and to work for international recognition of traditional medicine;

7.       to help to improve the quality of traditional medicine products, and to facilitate international registration of traditional medicine products;

8.       to promote and increase awareness of traditional medicine in the general public;

9.       to improve academic exchange and to enhance collaborations with other international traditional medicine organisations.