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The RIGHT Extension Statement for Traditional Chinese Medicine
source:nih 2020-09-16 [Research]
Development, Recommendations, and Explanation

Runsheng Xie,a,1 Yun Xia,b,1 Yaolong Chen,c,⁎ Hui Li,a,⁎ Hongcai Shang,d Xinying Kuang,e Linjun Xia,f and Yi Guog



Nowadays, the number of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) guidelines is constantly increasing, but its reporting quality is still disappointing. One of the main reasons is that there is a lack of suitable reporting standard to guide it. Low-quality reports impede the presentation of the guidelines’ content even if the guidelines are well projected and developed, thereby hindering the user’s integration and evaluation of guidelines and even misleading clinical decisions [1,2]. In response to this long-standing problem, the Reporting Items for practice Guidelines in HealThcare (RIGHT) Working Group has organized a group of TCM clinical experts, methodologists, and epidemiology, through a multi-staged development process, including systematic review, reporting quality evaluation and online Delphi expert consensus, developed the RIGHT Extension Statement for TCM (RIGHT-TCM). The RIGHT-TCM extends two sections of the RIGHT Statement, includes basic information and recommendations section. Seven strong recommendation sub-items were added on the basis of RIGHT Statement and formed the RIGHT-TCM finally. The group hopes that the RIGHT-TCM can assist TCM guideline developers in reporting guidelines, support journal editors and peer reviewers when considering TCM guideline reports, and help health care practitioners understand and implement a TCM guideline. This article will introduce its background, development, recommendations and explanation as follows.